CVT System and Parts Company

Welcome to Gaged Engineering, Inc.

Established in 1998, GE was started to Build CVT Systems and Enhancements for many existing CVTs. This was done with profound success. From the early years to present day Gaged Engineering has created CVT Designs for numerous high performance applications.

We are a Team of “Thinkers”, who strive to Innovate and Improve our GX Products each and every year. The GX Intuitive Design and Tuning Features have led our Customers to the Top of their Competitions around the World!

As “mystical” as CVT’s are supposed to be, it is our purpose to work with you the Customer to enhance your expectations of controlled performance from the GX Products.

Please enjoy our new website for it is ever-changing and hopefully easier to navigate. Return often to watch for updates and videos provided by GE.